Product Review: Domain Cost Club

If like me, you know people that are making more than $9,000 monthly with GDI, you wish you started sooner.  I decided to learn from these successful people and follow them into a very new opportunity – and I am very glad that I took the leap!

An opportunity that have all the ingredients to give you a monthly income in excess of $120,000 after 12 months.  Remember there is also a residual income since you will be paid for annual renewal members too.

Too understand the opportunity – you need to understand how it works.  Yes it is MLM, which a very proven way of earning online.

A 4×7 Matrix with Spillover
The Power of a Network

A matrix isn’t anything complicated. It’s just a way to organize referrals and provide the most wealth to the most people. The “7” in a 4×7 is the number of levels in a network. You’ll receive commission for your referrals, their referrals, and so on through seven levels — your “downline.”

The “4” is where our spillover feature comes in – everyone’s first level is made up of four people. After those four, the next person spills down a level to share commissions with your downline. This happens again and again for seven levels, and remember, not only do you spill people downline they’re spilled to you from above as well! Commissions are paid seven levels upline from wherever the referral is placed.

Free Domains for Members

When you complete your free trial, celebrate by registering 3 complimentary domains. Choose from a selection of great domain name extensions like COM, NET, ORG, CLUB, WEBSITE, XYZ, and more!

Have a look at the affordable membership options

Domain Cost Club

Domain Cost Club


10.0 /10


10.0 /10

Ease of Use

10.0 /10

Earning potential

10.0 /10

Affiliate Tools

9.0 /10


  • Very first domain registrar to provide domain names to you at cost.
  • You can purchase new domain registrations, renewals, and transfers.
  • You can earn enough referral fees and commissions and new domains and renewals.
  • Life time membership option means no additional fees.
  • You can group all domains bought elsewhere and renew at cost prices.


  • Very specific marketing - buyer need to understand Domains
  • New concept - so buyers is sceptical at first.