Marketing Tips

New affiliate marketing banners available

One of the big challenges with marketing is creating banners. They need to be a specific size if you want to advertise on websites, and the quality needs to be really good.
There is a couple of tools available that you can use online, but I have found that a combination of MS Word and MWSnap works just as well.

Step 1: Create the images and words in a table in MS Word
Step 2: Set the exact banner size in MWSnap and Snap the image – I would suggest saving the images as .jpg format.

Here you can download MWSnap which is a free application: MWSnap download

Here is a some example of banners available for Domain Cost Club

Half-Page Ad (300×600)

Medium Rectangle (300×250)

Banner (468×60)


The Newspaper fold on your website

Did you know that only 4 – 6% of people read below the newspaper fold of your website?  To understand that, you have to imagine your are travelling on the NY subway or London Underground.  There is always people reading their newspapers, but to take up less space, they need to fold the paper.

So if you look at a website, it is similar to the section that they have to scroll to visit.

screen layout


Why is this important?  Well if you want to catch someones attention and call them to an action, it make sense for it to happen on the top part of you website.  But that might not always be possible, this is where you can use — Read More — buttons, so that people know where to go for additional information.

What might be hidden …

Every few days I visit Google to check ranking and to make sure I still feel good about marketing a company. Today I had a “Oh no” moment, followed by a “I feel awesome” moment.

Let me explain.

At the top of the Google page while looking for domain registration I found the following advert (link hidden, since I am not trying to discredit the company, just proof a point).

ad in google

I did not really belief them. Maybe there is one for 50 pennies but I was not sure.

So my next step was to go and register a domain and see what happen.


I thought Oh, NO! Am I promoting something that is not true?

But then I just happened to move my cursor over the Promo Deal link, and guess what happens?


So you can only use this promotion deal once, and next renewal would be at full cost … interesting

So back to my favourite club: Domain Cost Club with the following statement on their homepage.

Enjoy transparent at-cost pricing on domain registrations, renewals, and transfer-ins.


Marketing with facts

Quote from Domain Cost Club website –

Because you are paying wholesale prices, instead of the normal 300% markup that other domain registrars charge, after about 3-4 domain purchases, you have already paid for your membership! Investing now can provide your success for the future.


Evidence 1:



Evidence 2:



I rest my case!



My favourite emails

I just received one of my favourite emails – see the image below.  You might ask why I am so excited about a $5 commission.  The answer to that is very easy.

You see, I did not have to recruit this person, this shows the matrix in action.  My immediate upline has filled their first level with 4 members, so any additional members that join, now get passed down to my level!

matrixThe best news is that all of this happened before Domain Cost Club officially start marketing to more than 2 million active GDI member.   They hold back on marketing until the 15th of October – so you still have a few hours to join and start getting people showing up in your downline.

Commission email

Don’t you wish this email was addressed to you?

Join us as soon as you can!


My honest reason for marketing more than one product

It would have been great if I had the luxury of time, but my children, unfortunately refuse to stop eating for a month or three 😉

Just joking, I think a lot of us finds ourselves in that position.

You want the build a real business online, but you just lost your job, or in my case, a big contract. So while you want to stick to the real deal – you need to find a balance somewhere.

Short term, I need to get some money in, but I absolutely hate, or call it my pet peeve or pet hate (depending on your country), the idea of selling ideas. Let me explain what I mean, I want to sell people a real product, not just an idea that they need to go sell to someone else to make money. Have you ever noticed how many “so called products” are actually just you selling the idea and getting paid for that?

Wealthy Affiliate is not like that, which is why I really like the program, but if you fighting against the flashing images of beaches, cars and big houses – and trying to get in front of the desperate people, it sometimes feel like a losing battle.

vector image of a businessman climbing ladder of successSo I have revised my goals:

Short term – getting people to my Just Cash site – yes it only makes you $10 or $12 dollar, but that buys bread and milk.

Medium term – getting people to Wealthy Affiliate and iProfit. Both of these teaches you and allow you to build residual income and more importantly a team. The products behind iProfit and Domain Cost Club is hosting and domain names. Things you need on the internet. And Wealthy Affiliate to me is training and community.

Longer term – and this one might suprise you – to get a real training program set up and running for the normal people, the ones I see and talk to everyday. I have a lot of old students, former co-workers and friends that is struggling to get by. The idea of doing something on the internet seems as distance as “planking” seems to me.  But I think there is a really big market for people to meet again and talk to each other. Not just virtually but also face to face. I would love to use half of the bookshop in my village and make it into a “Common People making money online” coffeeshop. Places where you can say in your local dialect – “I do not understand – let’s start again from the very beginning”!

The great thing about short, medium and long term goals, is that you can do all of them at the same time.  And the income you earn from setting everything in place for your Short Term and Medium Term does not disappear while you are working on your Longer Term – you can keep them all going at the same time.

Remember, to achieve your medium term goals, you will have to contact and engage with people more than 7 times – that is what the marketing experts say, not me.  But I have really found it to be true.

Marketing and Ad Copies

LogofbLet me share a secret, I really don’t like writing.  Always feel like I am be able to say it in one sentence and then it is suppose to be a paragraph!

So I found a solution.  Don’t worry I am really writing this myself, but what I do for ad copies etc. is

  1. write the basic information
  2. make sure I check all the links to ensure they are working
  3. make sure I include a “Call for Action”
  4. go to one of my trusted friends on Fiverr and ask them to make it into a proper ad

Why, it only costs me $5.  I choose someone I have used before or someone with a lot of positive feedback.  These people are  the experts, and they write an adcopy in minutes.  So it is not as if they are giving the work away for free.

So today, I thought I would include a link to one of these people, as a special thank you for delivering my adcopy 2 days early.

Thank you Fiverr!  Fiverr Gig