Marketing and Ad Copies

LogofbLet me share a secret, I really don’t like writing.  Always feel like I am be able to say it in one sentence and then it is suppose to be a paragraph!

So I found a solution.  Don’t worry I am really writing this myself, but what I do for ad copies etc. is

  1. write the basic information
  2. make sure I check all the links to ensure they are working
  3. make sure I include a “Call for Action”
  4. go to one of my trusted friends on Fiverr and ask them to make it into a proper ad

Why, it only costs me $5.  I choose someone I have used before or someone with a lot of positive feedback.  These people are  the experts, and they write an adcopy in minutes.  So it is not as if they are giving the work away for free.

So today, I thought I would include a link to one of these people, as a special thank you for delivering my adcopy 2 days early.

Thank you Fiverr!  Fiverr Gig