What might be hidden …

Every few days I visit Google to check ranking and to make sure I still feel good about marketing a company. Today I had a “Oh no” moment, followed by a “I feel awesome” moment.

Let me explain.

At the top of the Google page while looking for domain registration I found the following advert (link hidden, since I am not trying to discredit the company, just proof a point).

ad in google

I did not really belief them. Maybe there is one for 50 pennies but I was not sure.

So my next step was to go and register a domain and see what happen.


I thought Oh, NO! Am I promoting something that is not true?

But then I just happened to move my cursor over the Promo Deal link, and guess what happens?


So you can only use this promotion deal once, and next renewal would be at full cost … interesting

So back to my favourite club: Domain Cost Club with the following statement on their homepage.

Enjoy transparent at-cost pricing on domain registrations, renewals, and transfer-ins.